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What an enlightening education this book was for me in the journey of building Canada's Sports Hall of Fame's Calgary home. Sheryn was the inspirational, dogged and determined captain of a diverse team of gifted and capable Canadians that made it a reality. This book is a perfect illustration of ingenuity and spirit. It made me proud to be a Canadian.
Paul Henderson, C.M., Summit Series Legend *

Sheryn Posen's passion and respect for Canada's Sport Hall of Fame and its' Honoured Members is revealed on every page. As a member and Hall Governor, I recognize how indebted we are for her efforts. I witnessed Sheryn recruit and manage countless Honoured Members, corporate leaders and media icons to rally with her to save the Hall from what would have been a mouldy-storage-death. It was fun to peek behind the curtain - to see how Canada's Sport Hall began its move from Shame to Fame.
Marnie McBean, O.C., 3x Olympic Gold Medalist-Rowing *

Sheryn Posen tells the compelling story of Canada's Sports Hall of Fame's renaissance. Sheryn's ability to engage so many in her passion for the Hall was key and she possessed a unique way of making everyone around her feel like theirs is the only contri¬bution that matters. And every contribution did matter with Sheryn masterfully putting all of the pieces together to overcome all the odds. We can all learn from her selfless leadership style.
Scott Cooper, Chief Sales and Strategy Officer, Molson Coors Canada

Sheryn gives credit to a large group of supporters yet this same group would tell you that their trust in her leadership was equally as important as their belief in the cause. A textbook example of what passion, business acumen and relationship building can accomplish.
Stewart Johnston, President, TSN

“From Shame to Fame” describes how a group of dedicated Canadians ensured that the legacy of our sporting heroes would not be lost to future generations. They made it their passion, while surmounting tremendous obstacles, to build a spectacular building to showcase our sporting heroes.
Russ Jackson, O.C., 3x Grey Cup Champion *

This is a heroic behind-the-scenes tale of what it took to finally get Canada's Sports Hall of Fame the home it deserves. Forget the Builder category, Sheryn Posen resurrected the Hall!
Mark Tewksbury, Olympic Gold Medalist-Swimming *

This book illustrates the power of what's possible when vision, collaboration and innovation come together. Cisco is proud to be a founding partner of Canada's Sports Hall of Fame.
Nitin Kawale, President, Cisco Canada

When you read “self-help” books they try to tell you what to do. In this memoir you read about what one remarkable woman actu¬ally did. She did what others found impossible. She has created a place of honour for our nation's best and in so doing has brought honour to her community, her country and herself.
Steve Podborski, O.C., World Cup Skiing Champion *

Sheryn Posen is a human dynamo. With undaunted passion she led her dedicated team in search of the impossible dream. If you are looking for new inspiration, this memoir is a must read.
Ron Ellis, Summit Series Legend *

Sheryn Posen's passionate fight to save Canada's Sports Hall of Fame has given a proud home for Canadian sporting history, its' stories and our heroes. A visit to the Hall of Fame will make you proud to be Canadian. It will ignite dreams, inspire imagination and promote belief.
Kerrin Lee-Gartner, Olympic Gold Medalist-Alpine Skiing *

This is an inspirational story about how passion and persever¬ance can overcome even the highest obstacles. Sheryn never lost sight of her dream to save Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. It took admirable tenacity and resourcefulness to orchestrate such an incredible undertaking and is a journey that needs to be shared with all Canadians and beyond.
Ami Richter, Founder / Creative Director, Lug Canada, Inc.

I always wondered how Sheryn got it done, finding a permanent home for Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. Sport in Canada owes Sheryn a deep debt of gratitude. She is our Laura Secord!
Curt Harnett, Olympic Bronze Medalist-Cycling *

*Honoured Member, Canada's Sports Hall of Fame

About the Author

Sheryn Posen has held a lifelong interest in sports and sport history. Though Sheryn equipped herself with an undergraduate degree in Physical & Health Education from the University of Toronto and a master's degree in Sport Administration from the University of Ottawa, she was drawn to the business world.

As president of a corporate communications company, Sheryn has over 30 years of experience delivering innovative project management, marketing, fundraising, event planning, and public relations services to some of Canada's leading corporations and not-for-profit organizations.

Sheryn brought her love for sport full circle when she embedded herself within the heart of Canadian sporting culture and led the renaissance of Canada's Sports Hall of Fame from 2004 to 2010. With an army of passionate Hall supporters Sheryn helped revi¬talize the Hall from an almost certain death. To honour Sheryn's contribution to Canada's Sports Hall of Fame, the Sheryn Posen Entrance Scholarship was established in the Faculty of Physical Education and Health, University of Toronto in 2010.

In 2007 Sheryn was recognized by The Globe and Mail as one of the top 25 most influential figures in Canadian sport.

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